DrupalCamp Kyiv

June 10-12, 2010

By good old tradition, in June 2010 another Drupal event will take place in Kyiv. It will be organized as 2-days BarCamp with one additional "zero-day" for professional trainings. Event will gather around half thousand of Drupal developers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other European/CIF countries...

DC Kyiv dates are shifted to June 10-12

neochief · May 5th, 2010

Attention, dear Drupaler! With regret we have to inform you that planned dates of DC Kyiv 2010 are being shifted to June 10-12 due to problems with our planned venue.

We understand that it may harm your plans and could cause big inconvenience. We are very sorry about that.

However, we hope very much that you can change your schedule and visit our event. Please, contact us and we will answer all of your questions and help you if we can.

Website is opened!

neochief · March 25th, 2010

Hello to all Drupalers!

It's finally spring outside and our plans for DrupalCamp Kyiv 2010 are also beginning to blossom.

Today sees the official launch of the event website where every stage of the preparation and running of the conference will be documented both by us and by you.

Our main goal now is to make the site as convenient as possible for you to use, in order to attract the attention of participants who have not yet registered, as well as those that have already registered.

First of all, some clarification about registration. We have transferred the user database from the site of last year's DrupalCamp Kyiv, so if you took part in the conference last year you can be 100% sure your settings have been saved. As you can see at the top of the website, we already have more than 400 registered users, which means we're not starting from scratch by any means and the event promises to be very well attended, something that is very exciting!

From last year's conference, we learnt that we were lacking a space for participants to interact and so we immediately created a forum. You can already discuss the conference there, as well as any questions about development, localization and other topics related to Drupal.

In the future, this forum will be transferred to Drupal Ukraine's global site, which will be launched on the day of the conference.

However, it goes without saying that all this will be very difficult without your support.

You can help us by placing our banners on your own websites, blogs, social network profiles, homepages and portals, and for this we would be enormously grateful!

Over the next few days a shop will also be opening on the site, where you can obtain T-shirts (as well as other pieces of merchandise) with the conference logo, since there was a shortage of these last time.

For the conference to run successfully, sponsors and media support are essential. You can find more information about this on the media sponsor and partner sponsors pages. Without your support, the event would not take place and we will strive to do everything possible to ensure your support as a sponsor of DrupalCamp Kyiv 2010 reaps maximum returns for you and your business.

Stay in touch, follow the updates (Twitter RSS) on our social networks (LinkedIn ВКонтакте Facebook Profeo Connect)—we will try and make this event something incredible!